Friday, May 25, 2018

Bristol; Sun and Snowflakes

 The replica wooden boat in the harbour at Bristol

Me in the sun. First time this year. 

 Quiet, early morning along the harbour wall.

Nobody about, Not even Jeff photobombing.

The swing bridge opened to let the fireboat pass. 

Opps, need to get back for a panel 

                                 This panel was dotted with the F word, the B word and the C word.

 Not from either of the two pictured here.

Or any Glaswegians.
As far as I know nobody complained.
 On another panel Ruth Dudley Edwards said something that a lot of people complained about.
I wasn't there so I don't know what the complaint  was, but the word 'trannies' was used.
Yet, I will type the Trannie word but not the C word.
I don't know I what context the T word was used.
Maybe I don't know why it is so offensive in itself so forgive me if it is.
And we do have a transgender in the family, she doesn't object to it. Maybe  transvestites do, but it's never come up in conversation.
But nobody died, so we should all move on.

 We were quite happily wearing masks of the royal family - note that I am married to Felix Francis!
This is probably treason.

Then I found out that there was a movement on social media which mentioned banning Ruth from moderating at Crimefest.
And facebook has been very busy with it all, largely supportive of the complainers. I don't want to use the word snowflake but people did find the comments Ruth made highly offensive and said so on facebook.
Yet, when I have asked folk to their face what they think, they say 'Some folk are too easily offended.'
So speak out then!
Nope. Too many of the PC brigade out there.
Respecting that they don't want their thoughts being made public, I won't mention them here by name. 
But it's interesting that perception of power.
Like I said, nobody died.

My panel were lovely, no swearing, nobody being offensive.
 Well,  not that they told me but Felix was chatting about his sexual technique at one point.
You had to be there to hear it. 
A good titter had by all,
 No censorship here.
That is a dirty word indeed.
a very dirty word to me. 

A busy hall. One lady sneaked in late and fell over the cable.
No panellists or audience members were harmed during the panel. 

Me, Felix and the very talented Emma Elgar.
Who I always wanted to call Edgar.

Steve Mosby and Robert Thorogood, no sweary words here 

The globe on bright sunshine.

 And back to the boat!

Caro Ramsay  25 05 2018


  1. Titter is a very dirty word? Is it a verb or a noun? Maybe you misspelled it?

    I'm SO confused...

  2. Thank you for bringing my mind back to CrimeFest. It was sheer joy, even though I missed your photobombing opportunity. I also missed the RDE event as I was moderating another panel in the same time slot. I did hear about it, though, after I'd left Bristol for Mykonos, but as I'm not one to take a position on such things without a clear understanding of all the facts, I have no opinion to express on that subject.

    HOWEVER, I did witness your A-B-C (plus a lot of Fs) experience, and have something to say on that subject. The panelist's first use of the C-word made me cringe--and we all know I'm far from a prude. As the panelist's repertoire rolled on though of list of other expletives--taking care to mention the C-word many times--what I considered a misdirected effort on panelist's part to assume the role of cool iconoclast, ended in a grand dousing of billingsgate.

    The bottom line effect of his exercise I think is best represented in the notes being taken by a person nearby me during the panel. He'd gone from making substantive observations to simply recording letters, like C and F. One for each utterance. I think I caught over twenty Fs. Which is about the grade the panelist would receive in a class on how to make friends and influence people.