Friday, February 16, 2018

The Ramsay Theory Of Nothing In Particular

A friend was telling me that my mother had a small crushed red flower in the back of her drawer. She added that the flower had been on board a ship, and that my dad had had it in his lapel at dinner and it had fallen into some soup. Brown soup she said.
There’s nothing very odd about any of that other than the fact that my father has been dead for over a year and this woman has no communication with my mother. I had no idea about the soup or the flower until I asked my mother and she said it was quite true. They had been on a cruise about five years ago and the weather was very rough so the boat had put on crafting classes and my mother had made my dad a red rose from tissue paper and chicken wire. Knowing my mother it wouldn't have been very good.
For a joke my dad put it on the jacket he was wearing at dinner that night. The only bit that wasn’t true was the flower did not fall off into brown soup. It fell in the gravy.
But still not bad for a story that comes from beyond the grave. Or did it?
My mum had been cleaning out a drawer and found the crushed little rose the week before. She had  fluffed it up a little and placed it in a vase on the window ledge.
My friend is a professional medium. She spends her life talking to dead people and can just give you a throwaway comment about something that she cannot possibly know. She does admit however, that she might not be talking to dead people at all - there might be something totally different going on.
To this end she is often wired up by Glasgow University but not by the theological department, she’s wired up by the physics department. She has had her  head MRI’d whilst she’s doing the 'thing'. But as she says talking to the dead can be like hearing a gentle whisper in Glasgow Central Train Station during the rush hour I presume its even more difficult when there’s the noise of a scanner grinding and bumping in your ears as well.

I have a theory, it's bit bonks but it's one I so wish to be true. I've even been stacking up little bits of evidence. My psychic friend tends to come away with things that have recently been on someone’s mind. She was asking me why my dad was particularly proud of a small trophy (bearing in mind he was a champion cyclist and had lots of trophies) why was he so proud of this wee one? And then she came away with a startling fact – one of those weird things that are famous within a family that no one else would know; that he was 10 stone 2 pounds when he did his national service and ended up in the champion tug o war team, winning the small trophy my friend was referring to. Very specific and a just a wee bit weird. So when I related that to my mother she said 'that’s funny, I was polishing that trophy just last week.' 

Now my theory is that it’s the thoughts that are transferring from one brain  to another brain that has trained itself to be receptive.

In moments great sadness or great danger, do our brains increase the speed of the 'WIFI' in the signals we send out? Do these signals spread out across the globe until it stumbles upon a listening brain?
If we think hard enough, can we make someone phone us? Can you know that a friend is in trouble because we are picking up on  their brains WIFI distress call?  How often do we say when stumbling across a pal we've not seen for a while, “funny I was just thinking about you”.

If enough people think the same thing, can it be made to happen? Can that explain the power of prayer or the collective consciousness? 

And I know who I credit with no scientific basis whatsoever.  I think it's these wee neutrino guys. They seem to be very busy, zooming around with no useful purpose. I was told by a physicist that I am talking rubbish as they are nothing but energy, but surely all energy does something.
Even the laziest of teenagers does something. Eventually.
So why can these neutrinos not be in some kind of pattern that the human race is too stupid to understand?  Why can it not be a Morse code outwith our conscious cognition or a sub atomic Aldis lamp.

I ask you to puruse my theory over a nice coffee. It might explain why different groups of animals with no method of communication will all start a learned behaviour simultaneously – the picking off of the tin foil tops of milk bottles by birds 500 miles apart being a famous example.
It also explains why psychics can never tell you next week's winning lottery numbers....
Sorry about that...

Caro Ramsay


  1. It's not so far fetched, Caro. Or if it is, then Elon Musk is wasting a lot of money on research into amplifying brain waves so that people can (deliberately) communicate this way. Maybe there is some sort of resonance effect with a lot of people. Perhaps you should give this Musk fellow a call...

    1. A long time ago, a very long time ago, I sort of kept up with the research into brainwaves. The idea of course was for people to control technology without physical activity. I'm sure it was military-funded, so the idea would be for a pilot to think "Shoot" and that would happen. Probably easier than pulling a trigger when the body is subject to 6gs. Given that some progress had been made 40 years ago, I'm sure the situation is far advanced. If we can detect these brain waves externally, it makes sense that other people may be able to do so also. What am I thinking right now, Caro?

    2. Stan, I knew exactly what you were thinking when you wrote that comment. You were thinking the next time I see CaroI am going to buy her a drink at the bar!

  2. I think you're on to something Caro. (That's "on to," not "on.") The more we learn about WIFI concepts the more reason there is to believe that our minds--the greatest computers out there--can achieve even greater wonders.

  3. Caro, I have a close friend—not one I know very long—with whom I share a great many coincidences involving obscure connections. My friend sees a devine hand in them. It seems magical to me. There is no logical explanation. Some might offer the statistical explanation that I think is called stochasticity—statistically unlikely series of events. But, as with your friend, when it happens over and over again, it looks like a special force at work. “Do you believe in magic...” 🎶 🎵

    1. Synchronicity. A long word to try to explain something inexplicable.

    2. Thank you, Michael. I knew you would know. Stochasisticy is something, I am pretty sure. But I obviously don’t know what.

    3. opperchancity is a pretty good word as well!