Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Snow and sun and blue bears

I've been so jealous of all the pictures my friends send me from Paris - gorgeous thick white snow blanketing the sloping rooftops, frosting the mansard windows and trees in the Jardin de Tuillieres...a fairytale quality. Not so jealous though when I landed in Denver this weekend. The light snow fell and piled on the already dense white snow encrusted landscape in a grey blur. The nice Lyft driver apologised - he didn't need to - that he was sorry I couldn't see the snow capped mountains ringing Denver. Good thing I'd worn my boots and heavy weather coat from the Marais! The mid-winter American Library Association meeting wasn't even a block away but there was a bear in the way.
A big blue snow shouldered bear by some blue trees.

It seemed the blue bear guarded the convention centre. Never fear my editor Juliet came to the rescue
Inside I signed 150 galley copies of Murder on the Left Bank and met lots of librarians and Naomi Hirohara. I picked up lots of galley's too!
We went to dinner at a farm to table Denver resto - amazing veggie dish!
We also felt obligated to sample every dessert on the menu.
 The next dawned sunny and brisk. I got to see the mountains at the airport and from the plane finally.
I came home to find sun and the almond trees in blossom. Everyone is saying the almond trees are feeling confused at blossoming so early.

Cara - Tuesday


  1. So beautiful, Cara. Thank you for taking us along.

    It’s been happening in Sicily too that the almond trees bloom early. It began there in late January, and everyone was afraid a frost would come and destroy the blossoms and kill the crop.

  2. You go to the best places, Cara, or at least write about them in such a way as to make them always seem that way!