Tuesday, February 27, 2018

sometimes it's the food....

Maybe it's always the food...the ingredients, the preparation and breaking bread with those close to us that bonds people and place in a special way. Looking for something else I came across these photos today. Now, I'm feeling peckish...maybe Caro and Zoë will correct me on that, but actually starving and got transfixed by photos from Paris and the Berlin trip.
 Berthillon - best ice cream in the world - imho - located on the Ile Saint-Louis produces ice cream gateau...and my friend brought these treasures for dessert.
 Old fashioned sweet shop in Montmartre that begs an encore visit
 My pal Inga in a socialist resto in Berlin - the hearty winter soup was wunderschön
 Oysters at le Baron Rouge near Bastille
 Donna attacking the charcuterie in paris
 A layered seafood mille-feuilles...amazing and somewhere on the Left Bank.
Felafel on the street in the Marais the way it should be eaten.

Cara - Tuesday


  1. Fabulous looking food, Cara. And thank you for the kind words on CULPRITS!

  2. Non-chefs appreciate good cuisine. We think that's why bistros were invented. Happy to spread the word on CULPRITS Zoë!

  3. Mmmmmmmm, Cara, I feel as if I gained 5 pounds just salivating over the photos!