Friday, August 11, 2017

Bute Noir 2017

Welcome to the Bute Noir 2017 Flanneur!

Rothesay is a past winner of Britain in bloom.
It gets enough rain to grow lovely flowers.

That cleverly form into arcs

and snakes

And borders

And colours so bright they make your eyes  ache

Three gallons of mayonnaise in transit 
Note the mayo minder
they knew there were crime writers around and you can't be too careful

The runners and riders

the puppet maker

Steve Cavanagh doing something with a stick
                                                 Craig trying to find a ball
so close but yet so far...

                                                 Luca Veste, deep in concentration
Doug Johnstone trying a new grip

trying to figure out how to get the ball in the hole.

some miscreants hanging around 

 The finale,  Craig trying to control  7 women and a Liverpudlian. No chance.

 Caro and Three Alexandras - AK Benedict is Alexandra the Third.

                                                    We clapped

We laughed

We hooted and hollered

We got a perfect ten

And that was us. not the audience
Louise Voss paying no attention to Craig whatsoever

                                             Me searching for an answer to one of Craig's deep and probing questions.
                                      Either that or I am looking at the clock to check the ferry times

We are really lucky to live on this bit of the planet - and look - the water is at the bottom, not pouring down from the top.

Clouds dancing

Sunset on Bute

Roll on August 3-5th 2018

Caro Ramsay 11 08 2017


  1. Great was a fabulous weekend on a beautiful island.

    1. I will be in touch Myra for a guest post from your good self, with all that history from the island, a few murders and a deep fried haggis or two!

  2. Caro, What fun! Even the golf looks like fun and games!

    1. I think golf is putting it a big strong Annamaria, five crime writers with hangovers, walking round a field slapping a ball with a stick. At one point they did have to stop the traffic for ball retrieval purposes...

  3. I know you're expecting me to go for it, Caro, but when I first read the title of the event, I thought it was a misspelling of summer life here in Mykonos. Just saying.

    1. Too cold. wet and windy for that kind of thing here Jeff. I am talking about the weather by the way....

  4. "Rothesay is a past winner of Britain in boom." Was that during WW II? Just trying to keep your story straight in my mind...

    1. Never try to keep my story straight in your mind. It will twist and twist again ( like we did last summer). That and the fact Ah cannae type!

  5. Perfect 10! Way to go and expect no less :)

    1. Cara, it was fab. Packed out venues, events looked over by stuffed badgers, terrible charades, theme tunes on kazoos lots of wine and home made cupcakes...

  6. Stuffed badgers? Is that a Scottish thing?

  7. One of the Slice Girls was in the museum doing up her thigh high boots before their performance. She thought somebody was looking but when she turned round, she was met by the beady eyes of a stuffed badger....I think it was AK Benedict....