Saturday, August 19, 2017

An Updated Zilly View of Mykonos


Four years ago I offered a view of Mykonos in August, captured by my partner in Crime, Barbara Zilly.  Back then her focus was on pencils and pastels, plus stealing away for a few hours from her portraits of children and dogs to visit her special places of inspiration with her camera.  But then she discovered oils!   Above and below are some of her more recent pencil drawings of the canine persuasion (plus one cat and kid), followed by examples of her oils inspired by the images of Mykonos.

Now onto photos of Barbara's favorite island places...followed by some of her oils.  By the way, I photographed these oils secretly, solely to share her talent with you.  And I did so at great personal risk, for Lord knows what will happen when she learns what I've done.  







My favorite oil of our favorite place...

And last--but not least--what Barbara's working on back in NYC...



  1. Absolutely beautiful! I had no idea that the whole family was so talented!

  2. You know, Bro, how much I admire the artist Barbara is. What knocks me out the most is the emotion she puts into the faces in her pencil drawings. Stunning!

    And I get to have her nearby right now, happily making art and getting together with me. :))

    1. I sure do, Sis. She does he same thing with her photobombing. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Sure does. Even has a Holiday Greeting card featuring a beagle. It's on her website.

  4. She sure is, Janet. And nice too...a miracle considering who she has to deal with on a daily basis.

  5. She's amazing! Talented, smart, hit the jackpot, Jeff! She did okay, too. ;)

  6. Oh good heavens, isn't it against the law to have so much talent??? Stunning work - photos and art. And she's hooked up with a talented wordsmith as well - a winning combination!

  7. Well, I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but will in order to not get run over by it. I always wondered what made her hair so curly, and now I know: it's all the talent oozing out of her pores. If I had that much talent (and some hair), I'd have curly hair, too. Alas...

  8. Something is wrong with the reply function, so I'm replying to all your gracious souls in one post.

    Ingrid, my love, you are so right...and I don't even have to pay taxes on my winnings. Okay, not much. :)

    Jackie and Joel, Trust me she's far more talented an artist than I am a writer, but she just isn't as pushy as I. :)

    My dear, Kaye, once again we agree!

    EvKa, my friend, because you said such nice things I shall pass on any obvious remarks aimed at your curly-less grand dome.