Friday, March 24, 2017

Waterloo Bridge to Portsoy.

As the eagle eyed amongst you may know I was in London last week. Alan  had gone out for a walk on the Wednesday while I was at my acupuncture lecture. He walked down to the Houses of Parliament and stood on Waterloo Bridge and sent me a selfie from there. 
The same place and time  where five people lost their lives just 7 days later.
Thinks like that always make you stop to think.
Signs on the London Underground are saying today, 'All terrorists are politely reminded that this is London. So we are going to have a cup of tea and carry on as usual. Thank you.'
But on the lighter side of life Stan the man was supposed to be riding in the Cape Argos Cycle race, I think it was called off or delayed for some reason. My friend, a Scottish journalist who was the Times South African correspondant for many years, had been training for the Cape Argos and sending me regular facebook messages about how badly his training was going. I understand that these two gentlemen met over a tennis net. And discovered they had me in common!
I'm not sure what you say in those situations? 'Of all the tennis courts in all the world, you had to walk on to mine.' ?? 

On a slightly more insane note the Scottish Nationalists are at it again. They are calling for what's now known as "the second referendum".  I can’t be bothered toruturing my brain with this logic but it goes something like this. The Scottish population voted to stay in the EU so if we have a referendum and vote to go independent we will then rejoin the EU although the rules are you can’t for 7 years if you are a newly independent nation (and the Spanish have said they will veto Scotland's application for entry as they want to keep hold of the Catalans) while everybody is ignoring the fact that 34% of the SNP PARLIAMENTARY party membership voted to leave the EU.....
Meanwhile back in the real world..... last week I was in Portsoy and back in Nairn where I do believe Stan has hit the odd golf ball or two. So here is a photo flaneur of the trip.

A rainbow over Loch Ness. just  because it could!

Rannoch Moor. Bleak.

The sands at Nairn


                                                  Sunset at Nairn
                                           Just before the event at the Salmon Bothy in Portsoy
                                                        View from the walk way at Nairn
                                                                    Sunset at Nairn
                                                              Alan getting some fresh air
 The Bothy, prevent. They had make cupcakes with tiny books on them! And Prosecco!
 Miss Ramsay, Miss Grey and Miss Cleeve
Another sunset

                                                        The sell out crowd at the Bothy.

The Salmon Bothy is now a venue for arts and crafts and community activities. It was built in 1834 as a ice store and Salmon store and has been all sorts in between,  on the walls were old photographs of boys learning to be draughtsmen and girls learning to be cooks! 
Portsoy is a tiny village, population of 1700 people. It sits on the Moray Firth about fifty miles north of Aberdeen. It probably looks the same now as it did in the 1830's.

Caro Ramsay 24 03 2017


  1. I love the eclectic nature of this post, Caro as it brings us from a frightening reality of our world--showing how close each of us can come to being in the wrong place at the wrong time--though the camaraderie of friends, the beauty of nature, and the wonderful humor of YOU.

  2. Thank you kind sir. I am going to spend the rest of the day being eclectic and bet it won't be long until I get told to get a grip. Such is life.

  3. Actually, I think the saying is, "Hanging with Caro: what a racket."

    So, give us a clue: was it Miss Ramsay in the Bothy, Miss Grey in the Nairn, or Miss Cleeve in the Loch Ness? And was it with a golf club, a tennis racket, or a frozon salmon?

  4. Probably Ramsay all over the place with everything - she's a bit like that ... while being eclectic at the same time.

  5. Caro, your Scots book events always look so lovely. it tickles me that they served Prosecco, and not whisky.