Tuesday, March 14, 2017

on the road

Sorry I'm late today but I'm just back from 90 degree Arizona.
First stop was Scottsdale for an Explore France Arts Program and I did my first power point on Paris. Here's Janice, a reader who takes Aimée Leduc style to heart. She's proudly showing her gently used i.e. second hand Hermès which I really want. Then to the incredible Heard Museum in Phoenix with Native American and Southwest art. I love baskets.
Then on to the amazing Tucson Book Festival. I'm hoping someday we could do a 'MurderisEverywhere' panel with all our far flung members making it for a murder and mayhem international style panel.
Ausma Zehanat Khan and I chatted to a roomful of readers. Was so excited to meet Ausma and get her book - new to me but that's what book festivals are about - to discover new authors! Hoping Ausma will guest blog for us!
Signing with Ingrid Thoft, another writer new to me.
Here's dear Lesa Holstine who asked for travel tips for her upcoming Paris trip. Lesa and I spoke about Leighton Gage, revisiting memories about our blog founder. Leighton was the first author to visit Lesa's library outside Phoenix years ago and as was Leighton's habit, he inspired Lesa to start a visiting author series.
after that time with Diane, my friend of many years and her cat Penny and my editor, Juliet's, family at least the Tucson branch of it. Cara - Tuesday


  1. Please tell me that Ausma comes to us from Oz. (I'm sure she's never heard THAT before...) Or maybe that should be from Aus. Naw. But I didn't want to leave that opening for Jeff the Wizard.

    Looks like a fun time was had by all, Cara.

  2. Oh Cara, that looks like such a delightful trip. I love Arizona. You've made me want to go there soon.

  3. What a grand time you had! But how not when peopled with some of my favorite folks, like Ingrid, Lesa, and memories of Leighton. We'll miss you at Left Coast Crime.