Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The treats of the last two weeks: fangirl and hangout

Look who came to town recently! Ian Rankin and thanks to Alison Davis for driving in the rain
and the almond trees were blossoming
and Ethel Rohan debuted her Irish novel and asked me to interview her - recommend her book highly The Weight of Him
and Deborah Crombie with her new novel The Garden of Lamentations
and after Deborah Crombie's reading we went to cafe Claude for coffee and plotting because that's what one does
and met our blogmate Lisa Brackman at the Sacramento Authors Library dinner and Susan Spann who I sadly didn't get a photo with - next time Susan!
and Debs liked the ambiance of Cafe Claude's interior - a real 50's cafe imported from Paris
Breathless on Tuesday - Cara


  1. My, my, aren't we rubbing elbows? :-) Sounds like everyone's having fun while I'm slaving away...

  2. A terrific time had to be had by all! I know that I certainly do whenever I get to spend time with you!