Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Leipzig it's brrrr

Coming to you from Germany, in Leipzig, and the Christmas Market. I'm grabbing my chance with some wonky wifi to show some photos.
In the cold we visited the war monument, biggest in Europe, and left via the Leipzig cemetery. Here were tombstones with the names of those lost in the 1945 air bombing of Leipzig tragically killing people just weeks before the end of the war. This woman with the cane had been eight years old and she remembered running to the underground shelters and how her home escaped fire but the two schools by it didn't.
Cara - Tuesday in Leipzig


  1. It's an amazing, and amazingly complex, knot into which life on this planet ties the strings of our hearts.

  2. Thanks for the pix, Cara. We are entering the season that speaks for peace on earth. If only we were allowed to have it. Up with music and Christmas trees. Down with destruction.

  3. I've always wanted to visit Leipzig. Perhaps you've prodded me into doing it this Spring. Thanks.