Monday, November 21, 2016

Iceland Noir Redux

Annamaria on Monday
They made me a Brit!

I had the delight of traveling with Barbara Zilly to and from Iceland for the fabulous Iceland Noir conference and of spending time with her while there.  Jeff was there too, which was perfectly lovely most of the time.

Zoe said it in words so beautifully yesterday.  I offer you a pictorial report.

The Town


Reykjavik 9:10 AM

The Conference

The British Ambassador spoke of his love of crime fiction

The Great Val McDermid, our most honoured participant

The ****ing Swearing Panel, heartstoppingly hilarious

The Tribal Celebratory Bits

Me, Val, Zoe--three crime-writing granddaughters of coal miners!

Exploring the Gorgeousness of Iceland

Bridge Between Continents, between the North
American and Eurasian tectonic plates

The end.  I am happy but in need of a contemplative lie-down.


  1. As you can tell from a careful perusal of the photographs, I was never there. Next thing you know she'll be claiming there really was a moon opposed to it being filmed in Iceland.

    1. Bro, look again. That's you between me an John Lawton on the "Taking Liberties with History" panel.

    2. What would I possibly be doing in a panel stocked with historical novelists? As opposed to in a red frock...

  2. Looking as gorgeous as I remember, Annamaria -- and Iceland doesn't look too shabby either!

    1. And then there was you resplendent in your red velvet frock at the dinner!

  3. Pretty stark. And the outdoors ain't much better. (Sorry, Jeff and Zoë made me do it.)

    Thanks for the pics, AmA, looks like everyone had great fun!

    1. EvKa, the events were positively jolly. I love that conference.

  4. Lovely photos. Thanks for posting them.
    What stunning sunsets.

    And it appears a good time was had by all.