Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May Day in Paris - fete de muguet and workers marches and sun strolling in Jardin des Plantes

On May 1st Workers Day we avoided the marches. Since it was also Fete de la Muguet, we focused on the celebration of spring with lilies of the valley sold on almost every street corner. It's the only day people may pick muguet in the countryside and sell it in Paris without any tax! Word came that in the demonstrations it would be 'not so nice' as my French friend said. Later, I heard that the peaceful organized marches (pick raison d'etre from many...students demonstrating at nuitdebout, all night activism with partying, actors - who shut down the Comedie Francaise and Odeon one night, the train workers - always) were sabotaged by youths in hoodies who got violent and pushed old people -go figure - then the flics used tear gas...of the discontent here over the labor law and the actors who work part time 'les intermittents' it's a diverse mix with the strong unions and the focus on security here since the emergency is in effect. Just a quick check in since my wifi is iffy! Cara in Paris on Tuesday


  1. Aside from the lilies, the May Day March situation sounds like Athens!

  2. People are people, all over the world. Sigh. Lovely pics, though!