Saturday, May 21, 2016

I'm Home.


Today I'm playing hooky of sorts. I arrived yesterday on Mykonos and between jet-lag, and housekeeping chores, all you're getting from me this week is a photo shoot.  And not my best either. Perhaps that I can blame on the gray skies that seem to have settled over this part of the Greek Aegean until tomorrow.

For those of you hoping for something more substantial, here's a link to a piece I posted Thursday on my publisher's site (Poisoned Pen Press) titled, Building Blocks for Mystery Writers.

For all others, here goes.

We arrive at the airport.

Then it's off to across the street to shop for essentials.

Yes, all champagne.

Next morning, I'm off to see what's happening in the old town.

Not much it seems, the place looks empty.

Even the fish seem lost.

Where can all the tourists be?  The shops are waiting for them.

And the main parking area is packed.

Yes, there are signs of tourist life, but nothing like what I expected.

Time to check out the most popular spots.

The windmills and Little Venice are a bit busier, after all, it's a photographer's dream shot.  I wonder if the harbor is any busier?

After all, it's these gray-sky days that turn what would otherwise be beach time into the Mykonos version of Cafe Society in the tavernas lining the old harbor.

Just a little bit ahead will tell the tale.

Aha! Crowds.

 And friends.

Now to take off in my noble chariot...

Pick up my Princess--who refuses to be photographed while jet-lagged (but check out the fruit stand photo above), and head off to our favorite sea-side taverna for lunch.

The world is at peace again... at least this little part of it.



  1. "Not much it seems, the place looks empty.

    Enjoy while it lasts (as we all know it WON'T for much longer)! Hope you guys have a wonderful summer there.

    1. Thanks, you got that right, my friend. MY GOD, WHAT DID I JUST SAY!

  2. Enjoy your time on Mykonos this year Jeff! The contrast between season amazes me - the quiet of the residents then the excitement of the tourist season arrives. Opa!

    1. You're right Mark, the tsunami of tourists used to arrive in mid-July and rage on until the end of August. Last year it hit mid-June. I await to see what this season will bring...

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, sis. We will miss you. Barbara already does. :)

  4. Lovely. Enjoy your time there. Thanks for taking us there.