Friday, May 6, 2016

Cromarty; Firth and foremost!

I am afraid all the doom and gloom of the election is far  too  terrifying to contemplate, so here is a wee tour of my weekend in Cromarty-which is up here....

On the Friday night the local am dram gave us a radio performance of a murder mystery. The cast  included two cops from the Met. As is usual with these small cottage villages- most folk are English.

                                                          The venue of our events.

                                                             Outside our hotel

And there.... are the oil rigs, parked, menacing.  

Sunny but cold! 

Sitting in the bay 

Me and Wendy from Dundee- watch out, she's coming to Bouchercon! 

I had just drafted a new novel 'Death By Shinty!'

what it was, it was that big!

Don't argue with a woman frae Govan!


                                                    Strange highland beastie

across the firth

                                                                  the venue

locals firewalking

                                                                the beach

                                                 then looking the other way..

and me with some bloke...

 Caro Ramsay 06/05/2016


  1. But shouldn't it be "Firth and Formoth"???

    Lovely pictures of a chilly land. Someone's got to live there, and thank goth it's not me!

    I suspect you have entirely too much fun at these gatherings. There oughta be a law...

  2. AS USUAL, EvKa got here first with what I wanted to say. I love these events that you describe.

    I am not sure that I could live there though. It's been raining in NYC for a whole week and parts of my brain seem to have mold spots on them. LIGHT! Where is the LIGHT!!

  3. I just love Scotland and your photos made me homesick, though I'd have to say of the all it's the last one that sits highest in my rankin.

    1. Sigh. You just can't HELP yourself, can you, Jeff? In the big book of psychological disorders, DSM-5, I'm sure your picture is right there by the description of Psychosomatic Punster.

  4. Orange County Police Department? If I go for treatment do you promise to police not turn me in?

  5. You have proved my diagnosis to be correct. I regret to have to tell our readers that obsessive compulsive punning disorder is untreatable.

    1. Which is unfortunate, AmA, because it's also unbearable. (See Jeff's recent Facebook post about a visit from his 'neighbor'.)