Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer farm-style

The last few weekends we've visited my friends 'farm'. Or maybe it's a zoo since several of the goats and Jenny, the cow, come from a petting zoo. 
 Clifford is the white goat.
 My friend harvested the hay from her field for the horses.
 This should get the horses halfway through the winter feeding.
 Bentley the pig thinks he's a dog.
 Not only are geese good watch 'dogs' but the goat Alfred attacks if he doesn't get celery.

 The miniature llama takes a look and runs away.
 Rasmus is milked and provides incredible goat cheese.
 The duck couple watch the cock.
 Who helped provide these eggs.
That's life in the farm/zoo.

Cara - Tuesday


  1. Caro, TOTALLY charming with promises of yummy things in the future! But would't Ramona be a nicer name for a girl goat?

  2. Cara, do I detect an Orwellian plot in the offing?

  3. What would that be titled, Jeff? "Body Farm"?

  4. I think Clifford is up to something. He looks like a cheeky wee kid.

  5. Sheer bliss! Hard work to take care of those animals, but they look like they give back a lot.
    Alfred attacks if he doesn't get celery. Hmmm. That's quite a habit to maintain.
    How wonderful to be able to visit such a place.