Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A goat summer or l'été with les chèvres

Somehow I've been spending a lot of time with goats. That's Marshall, the white one who I've misnamed in a previous post and Capucchino behind him who's the queen chèvre of the pen. 
Luxurious quarters that overlook sunflowers, fields of harvested hay for their fellow horses. These chèvres eat organic veggies and even branches from the rosebushes.
Sunflowers nod in the breeze and the bench invites a pause.

Even a deux chevaux and zinnia's nearby.

The day topped off with an apero nearby and I wanted to catch the light hitting a glass of white wine.  Like the French countryside.
But when I walked outside the bistro it felt like I'd stepped into a Spanish village. 
 The white stucco buildings.

 Tiled timeworn steps.

Where do you think this was?

Cara - Tuesday somewhere


  1. Shame on you! It looks like you're having WAY too much fun and not doing nearly enough writing. Shame!

    Oh. And my guess is that the location is somewhere in Europe, most likely western France. Fortunately I don't have to guess, as I know it's California, either Carmel, Monterey, Pebble Beach, or Pacific Grove. It's hard to tell, since I've not knowingly been to any of those. I lean towards Carmel, at least when I'm standing on a south-facing slope.

  2. Bravo, Everett you are so RIGHT! The feel is Europe, non? My friend's farm is in San Juan de Bautista and the Spanish street is in Carmel. Alas, I'm not in Glasgow, Mykonos or in NYC with Annamaria and Stan but the goats make up for it - I'm talking goat yogurt, an acquired taste.

  3. Very bad timing, Cara. Barbara is looking for a warmer clime to winter in than my NYC area farm and told me how much she likes the Carmel/Monterrey area. I said it has no farms. Then you post this irresistible gem of not just a farm but a Mediterranean one! Now all I'm left to argue is no "affordable" farms. Hmmm, I think Everett gets a blame assist on this one.

    1. But just think of all the great wines from California and Oregon. And then you'd be just down the road (I-5 that is...) when Left Coast Crime comes around. And there's the redwoods to enjoy. And did I mention all of the winery touring you could do all the way from Carmel to Portland? No, wait, best skip that, or you'd likely never show in Portland...

  4. Hitchcock filmed Vertigo there at the Mission! Poor Jeff, you'll be out numbered if I get a hold of Barbara's ear :)