Saturday, May 31, 2014

There's a New Sheriff in Town.

Having written recently about the efforts of my best buddy to be elected mayor of Mykonos, it would be out of character for me not to ‘fess up publically that he lost. It was a great disappointment to many, but the People of Mykonos made their choice and that is to be respected.

The new mayor is Konstantinos Koukas, a thirty-two year old lawyer new to politics. His term won’t start until September, though with the current mayor on his elected team I assume he’ll have input on her policies in the interim. That is good, for the island needs direction ASAP.

Mykonians now have their hopes pinned on the Mayor-elect to address the many serious issues confronting their island. He has the chance at this critical point in the island’s evolution to make a difference. It is both a great honor and challenge the people have reposed in Mr. Koukas.  Governing will not be easy, and the choices he must make difficult. 

But to borrow from a quote attributed to many that offers an analogy from the grain-into-flour processing windmills which once dotted Mykonos hilltops and now symbolize the island, “Life is a grindstone; whether it grinds you down or polishes you up depends upon what you’re made of.”

Here’s hoping you shine, Mr. Mayor.  God Bless you and Mykonos.

And now here’s a link to a video prepared by my friend Dimitris Koutsoukos showing photos of a Mykonos long past…



  1. A most gracious commentary. Your affection and your concern for your second (but not secondary) homeland shines through.

  2. Thank you, Lenny. Looking forward to your guest post tomorrow. Your humor should balance off the weekend. :)

  3. Not being intimate (so to speak) with the island like you, I haven't much of a clue as to the issues at hand, what's happened (or not), or what needs to happen (or not). But I certain wish a happy and prosperous future for the people of Mykonos (and yes, that includes you, Jeff!)

  4. Why thank you, Everett, that's down right neighborly of you!