Saturday, May 10, 2014

An Update on Our Alternate Sunday Guest Blog Program. PLUS Mykonos Photos.

No, the program has not gone to the dogs.  It’s just that conventional wisdom says photos of the least adorable puppies always draw more attention than ones of the most adorable writers.  And these puppies—just days old when photographed on Mykonos (more Mykonos photos below)—are truly adorable.  So, too, are the writers who responded to my post a few months back when we at MIE opened up a guest slot every other Sunday to mystery writers who base their stories in foreign settings. 

We thought it a great way of introducing our readership to new experiences and places.  The response has been nothing short of terrific.  So much so that we’ve decided to keep the slot open and continue to bring in new voices. So far you’ve heard from Peter Guttridge, Jinx Schwartz, Maria Hudgins, Melanie McGrath, M.L. Longworth, and Susan Oleksiw.

There’s always room here every other Sunday for a published mystery author writing about foreign locales who would like the opportunity of reaching a broad, erudite audience.  We have no fixed rules about subject matter other than no BSP. Meaning this is not a forum for touting you or your work, though in introducing yourself you may mention your current book and your website. It must also be original material not posted elsewhere.

Our only requirement is first-class writing.

Posts generally run between 500-800 words though some run to twice that.  Photographs work very well and are encouraged, but just make sure all appropriate credit is given and copyrights observed. 

To quote our good friend and founder, Leighton Gage, “I know you’ll enjoy the experience because you’ll be in really good company.” :)  The smiley is mine.

If you’re interested, please contact me off line at  Of course, there is no guarantee that a submitted piece will be published.  But we will look at them all.

And now some photographs of Mykonos, where I’ll be until Wednesday when it’s off to Bristol UK for a few days of cavorting with some of my MIE buddies and a lot of other great folk at CrimeFest.  As you may notice, it’s been unusually overcast here for the past few days, undoubtedly to prepare me for Bristol. :)

But there are diversions to the inclement weather...

Children's Choir of Mykonos
Soccer fanaticism
But you best not overdo it lest...


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