Sunday, February 9, 2014

Has Anyone Heard From Lisa?

Where oh where has our adventuresome colleague gone this week?   Some say she's off in search of Dark Lord Sauron's missing ring, though more likely it's for the one the Russians seem to have misplaced at their opening night Olympic ceremonies.  Yes, dear friends, our own Lisa Brackmann is not off on a Tolkien quest, but in search of Putineska good times in Sochi.

And how do I know that she's in Russia?  Because she told me and keeps the world informed through her Facebook page. I thought I'd share some of her posted photos here. I'm sure she won't mind.  After all, I don't intend to make a Hobbit of it.

A view from the train
Black Sea at Sunrise

Yes, those are palm trees.

Men's ski slope

Men's 5000 meter speed skating

A likely new friend she met along the way.

Be well, be safe, and enjoy.

Jeff––reporting for Lisa


  1. Thanks for the update, Jisa! Or Leff. Or whatever your name is! Hope you're (both) having a non-sweltering time! (You know, I think "swelter" is one of those particularly odd words that I don't think I've EVER used in written form. Does that ever happen to you? You write a word that you've used verbally all your life, and suddenly realize that you've probably NEVER used it while WRITING. VERY strange feeling, kind of like deja vue, only completely different.)

    1. As a matter of fact, Everett, your comments always bring to mind lots of words I use verbally all the time but prefer not to use in writing. :)

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