Tuesday, February 11, 2014

French State Visit

The French State Visit

Francois Hollande hits the US on an official State visit this week sans First girlfriend and his mistress. My sources tell me this presents a bit of a diplomatic conundrum in Washington for the State dinner, the White House's first in two years. Who will Hollande dance with? Michele Obama? She's a lot taller than he is and so is Barack.
But security wise - the sources say that Holande the bachelor will make it easier than last time Hollande came with then First girlfriend Valerie Trierweiller. The advance security team has come to San Francisco a week before to laise with local San Francisco cops, the Sheriff's department, and the Secret Service. A lot of prep work for Hollande's one day San Francisco visit - he's not even sleeping here. On second thought maybe they want to keep him out of temptation. There will be a big luncheon with tech giants based here FB, Twitter, Genentech, Yahoo etc. Hollande's out to show he's getting savvy with the tech world in Zeelakon Vallée, wants to encourage entrepeneurship. Maybe he'll see how San Francisco doesn't much care fo Google these days.
 Cara - Tuesday

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  1. You're so right on the mark, Cara--as always:). I just spent four days in SF and over and over heard fresh complaints at how Google and the other tech giants' decisions to run hundreds of commuter buses between SF and their "way down on the peninsula" corporate campuses (in order to attract young folks who refuse to live other than in SF) have caused rents to skyrocket driving longtime SF residents out of the city.

    And that's just for starters.