Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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Here's to being a lazybones and posting pictures. Friday night (Burn's Night) Ian Rankin, yes himself,  and Caro's Scottish neighbor came to a wonderful bookstore in Half Moon Bay. He gave a talk on his novel, the first Rebus in five years, Standing on a Dead Man's Grave. Ian's self-deprecating, entertaining and not short on stories with his Scot's humor on Burn's Day. Luckily after reading Caro's post I knew what hogamany meant and felt haggis savvy. Ian's great and here's the fangirl moment. I've missed Rebus and he's back with force. Am loving this book. 

Then it was up to Seattle for the midwinter ALA 13 conference and signing at the SOHO booth. And there was our Tim Hallinan signing his Junior Bender's and making nice with his fans. Long line. Leighton's future book was there - in prominence - then Tim and I taxi'd over to the Seattle Mystery Bookstore to say hi to Amber. Today Tim had his special first signing there for The Little Elvises,  which comes out officially tomorrow.
 In the meantime we joined the SOHO squad - that's our publisher Bronwen and marketing guru Paul to visit Elliot Bay Books because we all love this indie bookstore that's thriving in Capitol Hill.

We also met a lot of the 5,000 librarians attending the conference and chatted with Nancy Pearl, the BookLust Librarian, who lives up there and is a fan of Tim and SOHO's crime line.
I scored a copy of Lisa's new book Tale of the Rat before the librarians gobbled them all up. And I sweet talked my way into grabbing a copy of Yrsa's new book The Day is Dark that looks like it comes out in February!
So excuse the short photo post, I've just gotten off the plane, turned in my next Aimée manuscript and will give myself a treat to catch up on some reading.
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Sounds like it was fun!

    Tim must have bought that bright-yellow rain coat when he got to Seattle, as I can't imagine him buying that in L.A. It would qualify him for work as a crosswalk guard! [leaving now in search of some more rotten tomatoes... :-)]

  2. It looks like a lot of good books are coming up! Can't wait.

  3. UPS just delivered my Soho copy of Little Elivises. Nice to have 'Junior' in hardcover (even if I do most of my reading via electrons these days...)

  4. You guys really know how to party! I'm so jealous freezing my butt off on the Upper East Coast and you West Coasters have all the fun.