Monday, September 17, 2012

Blowing My Horn

Once a year, here on Murder is Everywhere, each of us gets to blow their horn.
It’s when we launch a new book.
Some lucky few, like Tim, get to do even more horn-blowing, because they’re productive as hell.
Me? No. Just one book a year.
And guess what?
This year, 2012, no new book.

Not in North America anyway.

A Vine in the Blood was launched in December of 2011.
But Perfect Hatred won’t be hitting the bookstores until February of 2013.

There are good reasons for this, which I won’t bore you with.
But, in compensation, and because they are nice people (and savvy marketers) the good folks at Soho are throwing me a very meaty bone. (Arf!)

On the fourth of September, they re-published my first-in-series, Blood of the Wicked – in a special, low-priced, trade paperback edition.

And it's currently making its presence felt in bookstores all over North America.
And quite a few in the UK as well.
Here’s what it looks like:

Most of you, kind regular visitors to Murder is Everywhere, have read the book already, right?
Good. You can stop reading now. Please catch up with me next week when I’ll have something to write about that will interest you.

Now, for those few of you who are left, here’s the pitch:

In a recent review, commenting on all of my currently published books, the Wall Street Journal opined that they have “all the step-by-step excitement of a world-class procedural series”.
The New York Times called Blood of the Wicked “top-notch” and “entirely absorbing”.
Library Journal gave it a star.
The Boston Globe found it “compelling”.
The Toronto Globe and Mail referred to it as “masterful”.         
And Booklist, in another starred review, called my Chief Inspector Silva “South America’s Kurt Wallander”.

If you live in North America, your local, independent mystery bookstore will surely have it.
If you aren't lucky enough to have one of those fine establishments near you, you can get it at Barnes and Noble.

To find where, near you, go here:

Then, under the orange button that says ADD TO BAG, click on the link that says PICK UP IN STORE.
It will prompt you to enter your zip code.
And locate the nearest shop that stocks it.

End of pitch.
Thanks for your time.

Leighton - Monday

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  1. And I was in Book'Em Mysteries in South Pasadena on Saturday and saw "Blood of the Wicked" at the very top of a freestanding SOHO book display. Looked terrific!