Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the sweet life at the Gala

 This weekend I spoke at a Gala - no other word for it - at a chateau-like home in the fruit basket of California called Modesto. This Gala themed à la Française had an amazing dessert auction. All the proceeds were for the Stanislaus County library system with 12 libraries.
 The dinner supplied by the hosts came from their farm where they raise all organic. But these desserts prepared by local 'gourmet' chefs were up for the auctioneers gala.
 More than 18 amazing desserts
 This raspberry souffle came with a bottle of Champagne
 This 'Chocolate Decadence' was bid on by a librarian at our table.
Call me honored to have contributed and help raise funds for next summer's teen read library program in all 12 libraries. 
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Wish I didn't have such a sweet tooth! I'd donate a lot just to sample these :)

  2. Luscious and lovely, and a good cause, what more could you ask?

  3. Harvee the desserts were amazing! lil everything was donated by the volunteers - the dinner, the location, and it was like a well-oiled army that went into action. From what I understand this assured the Teen Reading program next summer for ALL 12 libraries in the county. So honored to have been a little cog helping those big wheels turn.

  4. Even more beautiful than those desserts on cruise ships. You are terrific for donating your time to be there.

  5. I'm severely jet-lagged, Cara. Thanks for giving me food for thought. I needed the sugar high. Barumphump...

  6. Yum! I want chocolate decadence for breakfast!

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  8. I love ice creams and chocolates. I really wanted to do was eat it with a spoon.

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