Monday, August 13, 2012

Looks like... But it isn't.

Looks like Coimbra's University Library in Portugal:

But it's Brazil's National Library in Rio de Janeiro.

Looks like the Netherlands:

But it's the town of Holambra in the State of São Paulo.

Looks like an island in the Dutch Carribean:

But, once again, it's Holambra.

Looks like a train station in England:

But it's one in São Paulo

Looks like Oktoberfest in Munich:

But it's Oktoberfest in Blumenau in the State of Santa Catrarina.

Looks like a stately home in Milan::

But it's a restaurant in São Paulo

Looks like a restaurant in Italy:

But it's another restaurant in São Paulo. (We have lots of seriously good restaurants.)

Looks like somewhere in Germany:

But it's the city of Campos do Jordão, in the State of São Paulo.

Looks like somewhere else in Germany:

But it's in the city of Gramado, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

Looks like the Gobi Desert.

But it's a desert in the State of Tocantins..

Looks like Japan:

But it's the Liberdade neighborhood in São Paulo.

Looks like a mosque in the middle-east:

But it's a mosque in Foz do Igauaçu, in the State of Paraná.

Looks like an opera house in France:.

But it's the Municipal Theater in São Paulo.

Looks like snow in Austria:

But it's actually snow in Gramado.

Next time you think of Brazil, don't just think of beaches.

Leighton - Monday



  1. Beautiful. I see we've left Dan and London for Leighton and Rio! Go 2016!!!

  2. Brilliant, Leighton. And that's not even counting the unique things that DO look like South America!

  3. Makes me want to get on a plane and stand in front of those places. You do stir up my wanderlust, friend!

  4. Really charming. Brazil is endlessly fascinating to me. Hopefully we'll see more of her in 2016. You all are going to have a busy four years.

  5. Brazil has always fascinated me. Now, with this architecture from seemingly everywhere, it clinches it.

    Where else could all of these treasures be seen in one country? And a desert! And snow, too!

    So glad your blog uncovers this for others to see.