Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm too sexy for my shirt...or dork-moi Parisian style

 Actually these photos have nothing to do with the title except that this song 'I'm too sexy for my shirt  (by one-hit wonder Right Said Fred) kept playing in the Paris cafe above left where I found Wi-Fi every morning. This street is theatre row - rue de la Gaitie - below Montparnasse.  Full off turn-of-the-century theatres like Comedia del Arte on the right and an old bathouse and the Metro station Edgar Quinet. I spent time in the quartier staying at my friend's father's apartment and mapping out how I'd murder someone. Then another victim until the body count felt appropriate.
That day I'd also crossed the river to the right bank and as the sun started setting was approaching Place de la Bastille - see the needle like column which has an angle on top.
 In the researching - apart from mapping murder locations - I tried to find someone who could describe this particular style of buildings in the 14th arrondissement. This rounded two story shuttered jewel was labelled un typique de faubourg - a suburban dwelling.
 That same night restless and wanting night shots I got lost and took these
 The last semi-tie-in to I'm too sexy for my shirt is this view of Strasbourg where of course walking along the river I heard the song from a car window....
 But the day I visited the Gustave Moreau Museum with this magnifico staircase the song kept spinning thru my head
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Now that song is stuck in my head! BTW 'Right Said Fred' was originally a novelty song released in the UK in '62 by a comedian named Bernard Cribbins--if you need another song to stick in your head.

    Good post and pics which show the level of your research. Tres bien.

  2. Lovely pictures-what a contrast to the song :)

  3. Thanks for the Brit tips Max and sorry I put that song in your head!
    lil it felt like a Eurovision experience - no offense Yrsa :)

  4. Your article has achieved its intended purpose, Cara. I am now desperate to return to Paris. And not just connecting through CDG on the way to JFK from ATH, he said acronyminally.

  5. DO NOT connect through CDG if you can help it. You will starve and miss your connection!