Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Does not deserve a title

Like smoking and numerous other bad things, disappointing can become a habit. One that I have seemingly got stuck with. In my defense December is a truly hectic month for authors in Iceland as it is the peak of the book selling season and we are running around doing readings anywhere rumor has it there are ears for listening to be had. It is particularly crazy for me this time around since my new book is the no. 1 bestseller here at the moment, something that makes me really happy.

The only thing my tired mind can think of worth telling is an idea I have for my blogs in the new year. I will be traveling a lot and have decided that since I have found my camera that I will put up posts describing the places I visit accompanied with photos of what I find interesting. In between I will post stories related to Iceland. I hope this will ensure that I have new sources for refreshing material, seeing that I will be going i.a. to China and India the photos will at least be colorful.

My very best to you dear reader, and heartfelt apologies for the brief input.



  1. I hope there are plans to publish the new book in the United States.

  2. Number One Bestseller. Number One Bestseller. Number One Bestseller.

    Yaaayyyyyyy, Yrsa!

  3. Sounds wonderful Yrsa, we'll get to 'visit' along with you - please bring us along and we can travel without going thru the airport scanners or taking off our shoes! Congratulation No 1 lady!! Thrilled for you.

  4. I'm so proud of you I think I'll change my name to Sigur.