Friday, December 30, 2011

What Lies Ahead?

The thing appreciate most about New Year, apart from the chance to kick off the cobwebs accrued over Christmas, is the ability to look ahead. I love Christmas, but as you get older it seems to be haunted by memories of festive years gone by. The New Year allows you to shrug off the past and cast an eye to the future. So, in that spirit, here are a few predictions for the year ahead...

1. Leighton Gage will have more followers on Twitter this time next year than the Dalai Lama (3.2m for those of you who don't know, though, unlike Leighton, the Dalai doesn't follow anyone. Honestly, some people are so selfish...)

2. JA Konrath and Barry Eisler will marry in a civil ceremony, their speeches to be made available via epub for only 99 cents.

3. I will finally join Linked In. Except by then I might have been Linked To will have left.

4. On at least 51 occasions I will wake on a Friday morning in a cold sweat wondering what I will blog about.

5. On at least 51 occasions I will post my blog and wonder what I was worrying about.

6. I will use my Kindle more.

7. The British coalition government will collapse in ignominy. I hope.

8. I will go to Crimefest. I won't drink too much...actually let's just stick with the going to Crimefest bit.

9. Liverpool FC, Yorkshire CCC, the England cricket team and the Boston Red Sox will all have stellar years. Manchester United, Lancashire CCC, Australia's cricket team and the New York Yankees will all inexplicably implode.

10. Wild, mindless optimism will become the norm.

11. This book will do very well *cough*

Happy New year everyone.

Dan - Friday


  1. As much of a sure thing as #1 will undoubtedly prove to be, Dan, I'll put my money on UNSINKABLE, unstoppable #11.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Agreed Jeff. #11 it is! I too have #8 (as amended). Who else has a #8, amended or unamended?

  3. Eight is my lucky number...and I'll be (relatively)

  4. 10. Wild, mindless optimism will become the norm.

    Brilliant Dan! Let's foster that.

    Re:#11 Anything to do with the Titanic hooks me so I'm pre-ordering this Dan James book...hmm maybe we can we ask him to guest blog :)
    Happy New Year blogmates and Beth, lil et tout le monde - Cara

  5. Well, re #8, I would hate to disappoint people...

    Cara, I'll check this James character's's ok, he's free.

  6. I appreciate your optimism on the Red
    Sox. We will know that winter is over when the
    equipment trucks leave Fenway for Florida and spring training.
    I will use my Kindle when I overcome my OCD regarding books and finally make a decision on what to put on it. I have all the "real" books written by the MIE clan.
    I am happy to be linked to anyone who invites me
    Dan James, whoever he is, hasn't made himself available in the US

  7. What Beth said!
    Except that I have more than a sneaking suspicion about who that guy Dan James is.
    I followed the link and went straight to Amazon UK to buy it.
    But it turns out they won't let me, because they won't sell books, or anything else, to us furriners.
    Which is pretty elitist, if you ask me.
    It reminds me of a headline I saw once, in a London newspaper, when I was there, many years ago, on business.
    It read: "Fog in the channel. Continent cut off."
    And, if you don't find that the height of something-or-other, no, I won't explain it to you.
    As to my Twitter followers, I hereby declare my intention to leave the Dalai in the shade by January 2014.

  8. Dan, you made me laugh several times, but I have to tell you that I laughed hardest at the Red Sox. Sure hope Beth isn't reading this.

    Have the best possible New Year, and good luck to both you and Dan James with the new book.