Tuesday, March 19, 2019

a reading tonight and writing update

I love going to readings. Especially if it's a writer whose work I admire and who is an editor at my publisher - like tonight! Mark Doten, a senior editor at Soho, read from his brand new book, Trump Sky Alpha - which is a dystopian work that starts with Trump starting World War 3. And given today's world this might not be so dystopian.
Confession time. I read all types of fiction but most of my focus is crime. This book is funny, incredibly well written and it brought about an amazing discussion at the book store. Most of it centered on the questions of how this person could be elected in our country and did 'we' let this happen...and why.
The first thing Mark said to me though, editor as he is, was that he'd edited James Benn's next book where there is a scene with Aimée's grandfather meeting Billy Boyle in Paris 1944. It's very respectful, he said. I'm sure Aimée will approve. Talking about editors writing books, my editor at Soho has written an amazing book about an Italian family, The Seven or Eight deaths of Stella Fortuna, which comes from stories about her own family. It's super exciting because she's going on book tour with her new baby and that will be an experience and a half.
Meanwhile, I'm working on edits of a historical suspense with said editor before her book comes out, trying to revise a short story and worrying about starting the next Aimée. Nuff said, time to work.
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Cara, I love reading here about some of my favorites: You, Jim Ben, and Juliet!! I can’t wait to read what Jim says about Aimee’s grandfather! And I have been panting after Juliet’s book since I heard about it. Given our shared backgrounds, it cannot fail to interest me.

  2. You (and Aimee) only hang out with the nicest people!