Friday, September 7, 2018

Bouchercon St Petes The first hour ( or so)

Hold onto your hats.
51 pics. 51 comments

Early AM. Hot. Getting hotter.
Front of camera steamed up and would not unsteam.

Nice steamy effect on the bay.

The park

The bay

On the to do list.

Pretty statues

Is that a catamaran ?
Yer wrang it's boat.
(very old Scottish joke)

Entrance to event hotel
The Vinroy.
Stuff isn't nailed down.

Picturesque tower.
Reminded me of James Stewart.
Or Cary Grant.

Here we are!

Not only camera lens steam up

People getting lost

outside ladies loo

Men at work


Essential water

The hotel does have nice art pieces.

Some people get everywhere
like murder!

People who don't know they are lost yet.

I'm going to write a short story about this painting.
She has a cardigan on....

Abstract  ...crane head and crime writer by ramsay


Two hard working people in a cupboard.

What was going on next door!

Self portrait....after getting lost
I honestly didn't realise I come down a set of stairs.

A seahorse to make Susan feel at home.

Alan bored by the mass of crime writers
It took 4 minutes this time

nine brains here.

Stan... after he' d been to  Cara's room.
Money changed hands
that's all I'm saying.

Lost search parties looking for the folk searching for them

Ladies loos

The Old Man Of The Sea

view out vinroy window

Big poster

Colin, late for event

First panel.

The lobby

Hiding from Jeff seats- not needed this year, sadly.

Is this the motto of Florida.

Local resident

Stork? Crane?

Close up using button  on camera.

Whur's he bin?

Public toilets  St Petes style

Straub Park 
Spot the lizard

The fountains

Caro Ramsay  Jet lagged, no idea what day it is.
Ps  I bet EvKa counted the pics as he read.


  1. Ah, Caro, you made me sooo homesick for Bouchercon. It's the first one I've missed in many years. As you know, but others may not, it took an act of the Greek government to keep me away this year. Greek law prohibits me from leaving until my residency permit has been renewed at the end of September. If I leave I lose my residency. :(.

    Bravo to Erin Mitchell, Jon and Ruth Jordan, and all their Bouchercon 2018 Team for what's proving to be a wonderful Bouchercon in fantastic St. Pete.!

    Thank you for bringing me there through your photos. Only one observation: Over here on Mykonos we also have lizards, but we don't have to "spot" them. They come fully assembled and pre-spotted...which I guess also applies to the lounge lizard species no doubt prevalent in both locales.

    Best to Alan, and ENJOY!

  2. I was counting, and almost made it, but then forgot where I was while I was trying to spot the lizard. Now I have to start all over. Sigh.

  3. It's almost worth traveling just to see the ladies' loo in that hotel.