Saturday, February 8, 2014

Would You Like to Write a Post for Murder is Everywhere?

Or For English Speaking Audiences

Yes, Murder is Everywhere is hiring…in a “Eurovison” sort of way (think “American Idol” with an accent).  We’ve decided to open up a guest slot every other Sunday for new mystery writers who base their stories in foreign settings.  We think it a great way of introducing our readership to new experiences and places.   By foreign we’re talking outside of the US and by “new” we mean new to MIE, so Umberto Eco does qualify.

But it does exclude these current and alumni members of our merry band: Dan Waddell, Michael Stanley, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, Jeffrey Siger, Zoe Sharp, Caro Ramsay, Luke Preston, Tim Hallinan, Lisa Brackmann, Cara Black, and Annamaria Alifieri.

So, if you’re a published mystery author writing about foreign locales and would like the opportunity of reaching a broad, erudite audience, you’re in the right place.  We have no fixed rules about subject matter other than no BSP. Meaning this is not a forum for touting you or your work, though in introducing yourself you may mention your current book and your website.  It must also be original material not posted elsewhere.

Our only requirement is first-class writing.

Posts generally run between 500-800 words though some run to twice that.  Photographs work very well and are encouraged, but just make sure all appropriate credit is given and copyrights observed. 

To quote our good friend and founder, Leighton Gage, “I know you’ll enjoy the experience because you’ll be in really good company.” :-)  The smiley is mine.

If you’re interested, please contact me off line at  Of course, there is no guarantee that a submitted piece will be published. But we will read them all.

And now some photographs of a place I’m leaving today for sunny San Francisco to present a talk at Book Passage in Corte Madera at 4PM tomorrow (Sunday) on what’s really happening in Greece.  I know, no BSP, especially for BS, but I was just trying to give an example of what not to do. :-)



  1. " ... talk at Book Passage in Corte Madera at 4PM tomorrow (Sunday) on what’s really happening in Greece. I know, no BSP, especially for BS ..."

    Seems to me that's not a BSP so much as a PSA. You've become my main source of information for background on what's going on in Greece, for which I thank you.

    1. Well, thank you, JJM, that's very nice to hear!

  2. "Our only requirement is first-class writing."

    I hesitate to ask... oh, hell, who am I kidding? I leap at the opportunity to ask, "So, how did YOU slip in...???" (Ducking for cover...)

    By the way, Jeff, your place looks an awful lot like our place right now. We had a VERY unusual (twice in the last 30 years) snow storm come through and dump well over a foot of snow over the past couple of days. Fortunately, it's all supposed to be gone by late Sunday or Monday. But obviously it's done nothing to cool off my friendly sarcasm. :-)

    1. Everett, the only thing that will cool off your friendly sarcasm is a blow torch appropriately applied :).

  3. To those considering Jeff's invitation, a post on Murder Is Everywhere will garner new readers. Amazon, for all its faults, links everything to something. I have found great books and new authors by following Amazon's links.

    If you know someone who is just embarking on the mystery/thriller genre, the books by the authors on Murder Is Everywhere is the perfect place to start.


    1. Once again, Beth, you offer an observation that humbles us here at MIE. Thank you, my friend.