Monday, June 3, 2024

Snafus and Jokes

Annamaria on Monday

I was planning something about my recent trip to Kenya in honor of the new edition of The Blasphemers, which launched on June 1.  Unfortunately, my computer stopped working.  The current snafu began with an update to Sonoma OS.  After it was installed, a couple of weeks ago, the desktop slowed down, and  I had to spend a lot of time staring at spinning rainbows.  Then came a warning popup that the OS update was not working properly, and I had to reinstall the OS.  I knew that was drastic.  It happened last Wednesday and took over six hours.

On Thursday morning, a new pop-up told me I had to download a complete back up from Time Machine. I tried.  But it would not download. It balked and told me I had to reinstall the OS.  I knew that I was stuck in a loop.

Then came 2 1/2 hours on the phone with Apple helpers.  They finally gave up and scheduled me to take the invalid to the Apple Store.  On Friday, at the Genius (sic) Bar, the sick Mac was so weak it could not even run the diagnosis.  It was admitted to intensive care.  My computer desk looks with this:

So today, I leave you with a few jokes, to distract you from my crybaby behavior.



  1. Very frustrating. Sometimes I feel computers are like the human body - it's not surprising that they eventually go wrong, it's surprising that they work at all...

  2. I feel your pain. One of JD Kirk's books describe a cop having an issue with "the wee doohicky spinning on the whatsit and getting nowhere slowly".

  3. Nightmare!!!! Honestly, this is why I have so many computers. I'd rather just buy a new one every three or four years and never update! Saves on therapy bills. xxx

  4. Oh dear!!!!! (but thanks for the jokes. I hope you're okay!!!!)

  5. From AA: Thank you Michael, Caro, Wendall, and Ovidia for your moral support! I did have a spot of good news this morning. While I was away over the winter, the desktop was shut down for more than 60 days, which triggered a suspicion that it had been stolen. It took a while to overcome that assumption. But during that period, the computer and the printer went through an acrimonious divorce. They have for the past several months, refused to speak to one another. This morning, for the first time since the beginning of March, when I returned home, I asked the printer to copy some thing. It has not done so for months, but with the computer totally out of the picture, the printer agreed to make a copy. Ah, life does offer it’s a little consolations!

    Then ones I get from you are the dearest to my heart.