Saturday, November 19, 2022

Iceland Noir, Here We Come Again




Today we’re off to our fifth appearance at Iceland Noir, the shining frosty star at the very top of a glorious tree of writers get-togethers. That’s my way of saying this post shall be brief.


I LOVE ICELAND NOIR.  It’s unique in the world of book festivals because there is only one track of panels (allowing all to see every panel), AND not a book for sale in sight! Iceland Noir is not about selling books, it’s about hanging out with your mates in a family reunion sort of affair hosted by Yrsa Sigurdardottir, Oskar Gudmundsson, Ragnar Jonasson, and Eva Bjorg Aegisdottir.  


The town of Reykjavik, the people, the ambiance, the nightlife, all create a sense of what legendary Berlin or Paris must have been like in their heydays, seasoned with a bit of old Amsterdam. Whatever it is, this place has all the right vibes, and it’s a joy to be back.


Plus, the island nation’s non-urban landscape is pure magic and other worldly.  It’s hard not to be inspired by a visit to Iceland.


Below is a hodgepodge of photos taken at last year’s festival and on a post-festival a trip into the countryside by some of us. I’ll leave it up to you to identify the folk…as there should be a bit of mystery to this post rather than just my rambling on as if a commercial for the Iceland National Tourist Board. 


For more details on who’ll be participating in this year’s festival, click on this link.







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  1. I love this and Iceland Noir is on my bucket list now. I think if I could see the world through crime writing conventions I'd be happy knowing I'd seen the best parts and met the best people!