Wednesday, November 9, 2022



7 Cures for election blues

If you, like me, are dreading an American Election Doomsday/Week/Months, I’m here to offer some strategies for combating the crushing despair you may be about to experience as the results roll in. Note that these measures may be temporary.

1. Your bed


This is a perfectly reasonable refuge. I suggest you hide completely under the comforter including your head, and if it helps, roll into the fetal position and burst into tears. 

2. Hot chocolate

A mug of steaming hot chocolate is very uplifting. I don’t like marshmallows in mine, but whatever’s clever. You can also combine hot chocolate with the comforter (see above).

3. Soup

A steaming bowl of delicious soup, whether vegetable, chicken or otherwise, can help you through the pain. If it’s mom’s recipe, use that--or even better, if mom is still alive, ask her to make it for you.

4. Ginger snaps/biscuits/cookies

No matter what you call it, these ginger treats are yummy, and dunked in a café latte, irresistible. UK ginger biscuits (cookies) have a little more heat than the Swedish versions. There are also soft gingerbread cookies, but I don’t think they deliver as much satisfaction as the crispy versions. 


Ginger biscuits, UK style, above; ginger thins, Swedish style, right (exquisite crunch!)

5. Apple pie (and accessories)

If the ginger snaps don’t go far enough, bring out the big guns. It could be a bit premature given the upcoming holiday season, but if you’ve been plunged far into the abyss and desperate for a rescue, I suggest a helping of apple pie. Of course, there’s the issue of calories--don’t say I didn’t warn you--but for complete, deluxe comfort you may add a healthy scoop of vanilla--or, even better, mango--ice cream.

6. Get a puppy

These delightful bundles of fluffy fur will turn any hard or cynical heart to mush. Mind you, you do need to feed and take care of these creatures, so you might opt for a plushy toy animal instead.

7. Get a kitten

If you want another bundle of joyous energy with added mischief, a kitten may be for you. They provide all-day entertainment. These also need to be cared for, so keep the plushy in mind. Also, take down your curtains and remove any fabric-covered furniture. As you enter a room, your kitty may ambush you from behind the door, which is quite funny--at least to the kitty.

What are your own suggestions for some calm in the coming storm?


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  1. Well, in answer to my own post, thankfully it looks like it wasn’t as bad as the pundits and pollsters predicted.