Monday, July 18, 2022

Benvenuti in the Hudson Highlands!

Annamaria on Monday

"Benvenuti" is the Italian word for "welcome" in the plural.  So my title could mean "Welcome Everyone to the Hudson Highlands!" And in that sense, it is apt.  But in this case it has a double meaning, because "Benvenuti" is also an Italian surname, and today I am introducing you to my favorite Benvenuti: Judi.

Judi Benvenuti is a college classmate, a life-long friend, and an acclaimed photographer.  Five of her photos have been UNICEF Christmas cards.  Her work has been published in books and included in one-woman and group exhibitions.

She began her study of the art with Ansel Adams and like her master, her favorite subjects are of nature.  She is also magnificent at portraiture. I have been privileged to see her photos of people - some of ordinary folk and some of the ultra famous - all through our long friendship.  My take is that she does not take pictures of people's faces, she takes pictures of people's souls. And I have had the good luck to have her take my author photos, one of which is the one you see to your right right now. 

This past weekend I had the delight to be with her and another friend in one of the most picturesque places in the USA.  We did not go about looking for gorgeous vistas for Judi to capture.  That will have to wait for the next occasion.  This time, we had other artistic fish to fry.  But here, in no particular order, are some examples of Judi's work from the past two days:

This last photo, I took while my companions were otherwise engaged!

To learn more about Judi and see more of her marvelous work, click here

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  1. Ciao, Pat, I'm sure you are one of Judi's favorite subjects.