Friday, May 6, 2022

Costa Rica

This week I'm  taking a flight for the first time in ..what... 2 years or more.

                                     I'm heading to Bristol for the Crimefest. It should be fun.

And I am meeting  some good friends again.

Not this guy.

Or this guy, who was a friend of the first guy.

I've been reading a selection of books for my panel.

And thinking up dastardly questions for other folk's panels.

I do believe a certain gentleman  requested my company at dinner.

Interesting trying to recall what we can and cannot take onboard the plane.
My expensive contact lens solution is a no no.
No way they are pouring that down the drain.

some British airports are reporting 90 minute waits through security due to lack of staff

Bristol is not one of them.

We will be back to landyards, bags and books.

But maybe not to hugs.

It'll be interesting to see what life is like in a city post covid.

How a crowd behaves post covid.
 I still wear a mask  100% of the time when I'm outside the house.

I'm sure after 5 mins in the company of other crime writers, it'll be as it has always been;
drink, swearing and a lot of laughter.

These pictures are of Costa Rica of course, the  second last time I was on a plane, late 2019.
I can't even recall the thingy....
 How does it go again....'
'If you hear brace brace, you must assume the crash position....'



  1. Bristol, get ready, I sense a storm's headed your way! I so wish I could be there to enjoy the show, the friendship, the hugs, and the waves. Enjoy.

  2. Bristol's fun, home to the highly prized art of Banksy and all his wannabees that leave their stains everywhere making the place look dirty. An ideal scene for hosting disreputable crime writers.