Friday, May 13, 2022

Bristol 2022 Crimefest

It's been three years since we had to get up at sparrowfart to get a plane to Bristol.
 We got a warning from Squeezy jet that there could be delays at security at the airport due to staff shortages with Covid.
So we got there early.

We got through security in three minutes flat as they opened a new gate just as we arrived.

It was sunny when we arrived in Bristol.

the minute  we got here it clouded over.

it all felt very strange and yet familiar.

There were some very nasty characters about!

He, of course was keeping well out the way of crime writers as he thinks we are all bonkers.

he was walking the mean streets of bristol ....looking for coffee and cake

 while I had a good snoop around the hotel

 So far I have caught up with most people, including my new editor. who was lovely. And my ???? big title, brand manager or something like that. He works in Edinburgh but is a Glaswegian so within two minutes we were discussing greggs steak bakes, the best chippy and cover potential of the murder sites  for  the other books I have planned. 

All in all I  had a rather good day yesterday.

Today I have the publishers lunch, the  awards do and I am  on the hunt for a rare South African speices called  Stanis Trolliparium, usually found near coffee  watering holes or on a comfy seat. If I catch  one, I'll let you know...



  1. Looks like a lot of boats/barges? What’s that about?

    1. My other half just goes on walks while I'm on panels. He loves waterfront coffee his pics have a...err..theme !

  2. Have fun. Buy your Stanis Trolliparium a nice glass of wine for me. It will keep him calm. Sorry we're not there.

    1. I had the Trolliparium in captivity for a couple of days and very nice it was. He has now escaped to elsewhere in Europshire.

  3. So sorry we couldn't be there to watch the wildlife at frolic in its natural environment. :( Next year for sure.

    1. The highlight of the entire convention was Yrsa's eurovision dress !