Saturday, January 29, 2022

Welcome to Greece in Winter



A lot’s happened in our world this past week, with plenty more certain to come.  If you’re interested in catching up on that news, today’s blog may not be your cup of tea…or shot of Jack Daniel’s, sip of Metaxa 7 Star, chug of Russian Standard.


For a change of pace, I thought I’d share some photos sent to me by Greece-based friends capturing results of nature’s surprise winter visit to Athens and the Cycladic Islands. It’s been decades since snow so extensively blanketed those islands, and what hit Athens and its environs brought the city to a virtual Stop the World I Want to Get Off moment.


Here’s a glimpse of the storm’s effects on three locales—Athens and its suburbs, Mykonos, and Naxos. May you enjoy the photos snuggled up in a warm and cuddly place.












  1. Wow. That is certainly NOT how I visualize Greece! Where's the sun? Where's the warmth? Where's the Mediterranean???

    Beautiful pictures, though. :-)

  2. As I sit in my stone house on the hill in Greece with fireplace ablaze, heaters on AND wearing my long underwear under my clothes on this last Saturday afternoon of January I am asking the same questions Everett asks above. Where is the sun? Where is the warmth? The rain is pounding and the trees are swaying - the next storm after the one you featured has arrived! Batten down the hatches!!

    1. The sun and warmth is in Cape Town!!

    2. Of course it is, Stan, for it follows you along in your travels...eluding Minneapolis in winter.