Friday, November 5, 2021



Greta Thunberg joins Glasgow crowd to sing ‘You can shove your climate crisis up your arse’

Which is more than a bit rude, but she has committed to zero swearing  by 2022.

I'm haven't.

Here's a rather good quote;  "The reason why they are holding COP26 in Glasgow is to let world governments see what it is to live in a world with no fresh fruit and no vegetables, a low life expectancy and constant, never ending rain."

Both chortlesome and true!

The lovely Greta was dragged in to  our local customs, here she is with a fag and a bottle of buckie.

Glasgow on the walkway.

The end of the pedestrian zone, miles from the event , the protesters buses are lining up.

On the Clyde, heading towards town.

One of my detectives lives in these flats.

Flats that are normally £18 00 a month are now £2500 a night.

Our lovely builder has guys on a job in town,  they are sleeping in the shop in sleeping bags as they were not allowed to rebook  in their hotel during COP26. And the price went up from £40 a night to over £2000.

Couldn't resist.
Such comments are all over social media.
But then, I still pronounce every syllable in New Orleans.
And in Toronto for that matter!

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  1. A visual pun is a beautiful thing to behold, dear Caro of Glass Cow.