Friday, October 29, 2021

Words we could be losing


Here are some old words that are steadily being dropped from the dictionary. And I think some of them should be  used more so that they can be reinstated.


Apricity;   the heat of the sun on a snowy winter day. This is very good for you. Sunshine, at anytime stimulates the pineal gland to do all kinds of endorphin related stuff. Fun stuff. Like throwing snowballs.   Our days here are getting very short, and we have flood warnings. Most roads are closed due to COP26, the rest are closed with  water. Out builder was talking about turning up on a paddleboard.

Bedward  heading towards bed. Be nice alliteration if one was heading towards bed with some one called Edward and a teddy bear. While listening to music by Jedward.

Brabble  to argue loudly. This could apply to any Brexit debate. Our builder has just told us that  the chap who drives the skip lorry turned up at work with a tag on his ankle, just out the pokey (jail) because the building industry is so short of drivers (due to Brexit), they released him early to get back to work.

Constellate to cluster together, hopefully the crimewriters of Murder Is Everywhere shall constellate  in Minneapolis where we shall be stars in our own firmament.  Or legends in our own lunchtime depending on what panels we get. 

Degust to taste carefully.  Me, on  soup that's supposed to be veggie but has the faint whiff of a ham stock cube.  

Deliciate to delight oneself... going to a bookshop and sniffing new books - or is that just me. I haven't actually been in a bookshop for nearly two years.


                                                    The last book I bought. And very good it was !!

Elflock means tangled hair, I suffer from this. Stan doesn't! 

Gorgonise  to have a paralysing effect on somebody. My jokes can do this.   

Hugger-mugger  to act in a secretive way.  Although apt, it doesn't sound very John Le Carre.   George Smiley may have been hugger-mugger all his life.

Illecebrous attractive.   Although it sounds more like an irritation of the large bowel.

Jargogle confuse, It sounds like a character from star wars,  the  Walk Of Skyriser.

Kench to laugh loudly,  or I think it sounds like drunken laughter, or just drunk, plain drunk. 'I got totally kenched last night.'

Malagrugrous  dismal,  As in,  that new book by that celebrity who was paid £600 000 for it, is totally malagrugrous.



Monsterful  wonderful.  My new book will be this, both wonderful and full of monsters!!

Osculable  that can be kissed.... mmmm...  Which begs the question, are there things that cannot be kissed. Answer on a postcard!

Overmorrow the day after tomorrow, I love this word. I shall be using it soon.   Would this word have changed the 'Hill Of Beans' speech in Casablanca?  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but overmorrow.  Good title for a book maybe....


Schoolman means a  teacher, Would probably be rejected now for rampant genderism.

Twattle gossip,  this could be a good word for the fake news on social media.  'Yes, I heard that but it's just twattle. Most of twitter is twattle tweetage.

Widdendream – state of mental confusion…. Or excitability.  Or both.

 Twitter light - twilight, or could mean to make sense of the  tweeted twitterings .

I am going to challenge myself to use one word on the list for each of the live events in 2022, just to jargogle the constellated audience.



  1. My favorite is Overmorrow! I wonder if it can be applied to days also? Would Overmonday be Tuesday or the Monday after next?

  2. I kenched monsterfully at your blog. I will have to oscillate you next time we meet to thank you for the kind words about Wolfman. Tak

  3. To answer your question (sans postcard): apricity is non-osculable. Almost nightly, I'm bedward bookward (who says I can't perambulate and masticate a gumshoe at the same time?)

  4. I will certainly use overmonday, but will Cara and Craig ever say Overtuesday, or Kwei and Sujata speak of Overwednesday?

  5. I'm all in with Michael on "overmorrow" getting my vote for immediate reuse, perhaps because a similar word is one of my favorites in Greek--methavrio (day after tomorrow). Count me in for Minneapolis.

  6. Some wonderful words there, Caro! I think you've used up my quota of Words of the Week until the end of the year, lol