Wednesday, October 13, 2021

wine wellness and writing outside Bordeaux

 Pardonnez-moi! I've been more than a month in France, on deadline and with iffy wifi. Or effe weeefi as they say there. No excuse as my esteemed cohorts perform under the same pressures but I'll throw it out there anyway.

I co-taught a wine, wellness and writing workshop about thirty minutes outside Bordeaux. Amazing. These shots make it appear that all we did was eat - and we ate well - but it was all about the writing, too. 
My new favorite cheese.
Cafe chairs that are having a moment everywhere
A bed in the chateau. Not mine but our group did stay in two chateaux
Farewell dinner.
A morning session by the river.
This is the river outside my window.  I got mesmerized by the reflection, the morning mist caught in dawn's glow.
Fresh from the garden. Seriously.

Working on edits at the chateau. No wifi up here.

After two years at home this trip was a refresh and much needed reload of France.

I keep the river photo in place of honor to go to a 'happy place' !

How about you?

Cara - Tuesday

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  1. You always take me to happy places, Cara! Now, about that cheese and those strawberries...