Monday, May 10, 2021

Egrets, I Have a Few

 Annamaria on Monday

Birds are Everywhere. too.  Pretty much.

This past Saturday was International Migratory Bird Day.  Since NYC is on the flyway of many species, the day was marked big time by birdwatching clubs in our parks and on our waterfronts.

Now, I am declaring today International Migratory Birdlovers Day on MIE. in this case, it's the watchers not the birds that ordinarily travel vast distances.  

South America

I had always noticed and enjoyed birds.  My father took us kids, when we were little, to see the snow geese when they were stopping by on their way to Canada.  But then a week in Galapagos in 1991 honed my interest to keen.

I loved watching the boobies fish.  They flew circled over the
water in a tight squadrons of forty or fifty.  Then,
 suddenly, one would peel off and dive.  Then three
 or four.  Then wham!  They were all hitting the water.  

Since then, I have enjoyed photographing birds on four other continents.




This was the BEST!  But then again, several of these photos were taken on game drives with the Lords of the Wings--Michael and Stan.

New York

Even here at home, from my bedroom window, I have seen red-tail hawks circling above--gorgeous to behold but impossible to photograph. 

Here's a mourning dove, whose call is often my wakeup call.

And I caught these two good old typical New Yorkers falling in love.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Michael, You were present for a few of them. And so patient, waiting while I whispered to the critters until they finally looked at the camera or showed me their lovely profiles!

  2. Before I did, I hope to see a Bird of Paradise in real life performing one of their other-worldly displays.

    1. When you plan that trip, can I come? I would brave the Amazon mosquitoes to witness that in person.

  3. Leave the puns to me, Sis, yours are for the birds... fascinating as they are.

    1. Bro, I know you consider yourself the Shakespeare of plays on words. But even if my attempt is not is not as you like it, do you have to create a tempest of temper?

  4. Thank you for those photos. I wish I knew what they are.
    I saw a peacock in full regalia on my father's lawn in Long Island one day, strutting around. Beautiful.
    I have an issue with doves. Every spring they coo on my window sill and wake me up. One year they dive-bombed onto my air conditioner with twigs, grass and dirt to build a nest. I had to chase them away and get the a/c cleaned.
    One year someone left an egg on that sill. A few days later, it was gone. I mourned that loss.
    But of all of the windowsills on my building and the one across the courtyard, they pick mine, with an a/c on it, too.