Tuesday, March 30, 2021


Bonjour Everyone,

Spring has either joined you in your part of the world or will be shortly. In Paris, or rather on the close outskirts - one Metro stop past the periphérique, ring road, where my friends live, it's new produce at the markets and flowers, flowers, flowers. 

I'm excited to see their new place - a big loft in an old factory - they had luckily just moved into before the pandemic.  The Montmartre apartment they'd lived in before was just across from the cemetary!  Walking back at night from the Metro or Place de Clichy I'd pass the tall stone walls, hear the spooky sway of the tree branches and remember Edgar Degas was buried inside.  Then the distinctive hee-haw of a siren and any moment thought Inspector Jules Maigret could pull up in his black Traction Avant and search for a body.

Yet the old apartment was une classique!A sandstone, Haussmanian building, balcony, working fireplace, wood floors, carved wood boisseries ringing the ceiling. Charming but not big enough for a family with two daughters. These girls have grown tall like string beans and need space and yes, their own room.  I grew friendly with the older man at the cafe-tabac on the corner. He never remembered my name but would give me a thumbs up and slap my expresso on on the zinc counter.  I counted that a 'win' with the otherwise blasé Parisian cafe owners/waiters. 

When I can next get on a plane the destination will be Paris. Non-stop. I'll visit my friends in their loft! Evidently it's so big I get my own bedroom - I can't wait. And to find a new local cafe. 

Almost forgot, welcome Craig S!! 

And THREE HOURS IN PARIS comes out in paperback today!

Cara - Tuesday


  1. Congratulation, Cara, on getting your own room and the release of THREE HOURS IN PARIS.

  2. Thanks for the welcome Cara, and a big congrats on the Hammett Prize nomination Cara (announced later on the day of your post), that's awesome!