Monday, February 15, 2021

The Year of the Ox

 Annamaria on Monday


Happy New Year

In the Chinese zodiac, this past February 12th began the Year of the Ox.  I received the picture above from my friend YuJun Shao with good wishes.  I asked him what the Ox would bring.  Here is what he said:

Last year was the year of the Rat (And we all know who the rat was).  Here are some indications of what we can expect from the Ox.

The Ox is second on the list of Chinese Zodiacal signs.  How it got to second place is a story in itself.  In tradition, the animals ran a race to determine their place in the zodiac lineup.  The Ox and the Rat were ahead and neck and neck when they neared the end.  To reach the finish line, all they had to do was cross a raging river.  Piece of cake for the large, powerful Ox.  The Rat inveigled the good-natured great beast for a ride.  The sweet Ox agreed, but the when they reached the far shore, the Rat jumped from the Ox's back at the very last second and crossed first.  (I know you are getting the parallels here.)

The Faithful Ox won't be pulling any such tricks.  Hardworking and methodical, the Ox will bring a year, they say, when hard work will be rewarded, prosperous for those who are willing to put in the effort.  We may be feeling the weight of our responsibilities, but the added labor and self-discipline bring success.  The Ox is reliable. 

I was born in a year of the Snake.  This year of the Ox is predicted to be a nice one for me.  It is said that I will find answers to my most personal and profound questions. And my wishes will come true exactly when I need them most.  I am willing to put a LOT of work into a scheme with such an outcome.  My Chinese horoscope also says I will be a person my friends can count on and that I may even inspire them.  I promise I'll do my best at that.

The best news I read is that the year of the Ox will be an all-around great year for love and friendship.  After being isolated for going on a full twelve months now, I am more than ready for that!


  1. Replies
    1. I am ready for this change, Michael. While I wait for these outcomes, would you please send me some of that Southern sunshine. it is too gloomy for words here.

  2. Happy Lunar New Year. May all your dreams come true. I love the predictions for this year.

    1. Thank you, Harvee! I like the part about ‘just when you need it the most.” I know I will find that a beacon of hope. May all your dreams come true, too.

  3. Sis, that take on how you are, are what awaits you during this year of the OX, is right on the money! And you can take that to the bank from your Monkey brother.