Saturday, February 20, 2021

Comedy To Knight




It’s been a hellish start to the new (?) year here in the US, with so much to confront, contemplate and overcome.  At times you feel you’re alone in the battle. But of course, you’re not. We’re all in this together. And what better way to drive home that point than through a sampling of political cartoons appearing elsewhere in the world that reveal our shared concerns and experiences.  And yes, these cartoons originate in Greece—but they’re in English.  They appeared in Ekathimerini, Greece’s daily newspaper of record, created by two gifted artists, Ilias Makris (all cartoons in the body) and Dimitris Hantzopoulis (headline cartoon).






Oh yes, one bit of personal news to report. Today, I finished the first draft of Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis #12.  Now the serious work begins.




  1. We haven't even gotten our hands on #11 and you've already drafted #12? What the hell took so long???? (Congratulations! Couldn't happen to a finer feather. You do write with a quill, yes?)

    1. I know how you feel EvKa. #11--based on the Aegean island of Naxos--was originally set to come out in mid-2020, but Covid considerations pushed the date back to this APRIL 6th. As for the quill, I do use one to tickle my fancy.

    2. Oh, you've stopped calling her your photo-bomber, and now refer to her as "my fancy." You're starting to sound a little Gollum-ish...

    3. No matter what, EvKa, you will always be my precious.