Saturday, January 23, 2021

The Free World (finally) Exhales



For those of you who wonder just how dramatically US leadership over the past four years has differed from that of other world democracies, these two photos sum it up nicely. One shows Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis seeking to mobilize his nation’s support for the pandemic vaccine via a public display of him taking his shot, while the other shows EX-President Trump taking his.


 But enough about the past. Here’s how many of the world’s newspapers and magazines reacted to THE NEW U.S. PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT. 




And in conclusion, here is late-night US television host Jimmy Kimmel’s contribution to the moment.  



  1. And I read, as a final two fingers to the incoming 46th President, that the Trumps fired key members of their household staff at 11:30am on inauguration day, so there would be nobody to open the doors at the White House for the new First Family. 'Petty' doesn't even begin to cover it...

  2. As believable as that story is--for the Bidens were left standing at a closed front WH door for ten "long" seconds--some news services have reported that the Chief Usher charged with opening that door actually was fired by the Bidens. Still, I've no doubt plenty of other "petty" gestures met the Bidens, courtesy of the evicted previous tenants.

  3. I love seeing this, Bro. I especially like the cover of Time!

    1. I thought you'd like that, Sis. And there are mannnnnyyy more.

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