Monday, September 7, 2020

A Gift for Labor Day

 Annamaria on a Holiday

Since so many holidays are celebrated on Monday, I usually spend the middle of every three-day weekend writing a blog.  Don't get me wrong, I really like blogging.  First of all, I like what one can do with the sort essay form.  And above all, I consider it a privilege to be among the sterling writers and lovely human beings who share MIE with me.


This week, despite everything, I need today off.  So instead of my thoughts about anything at all, I am giving you all a gift.  You will love this.  I promise.  Watch this and take its sense of fun with you into autumn.

It's delicious, right?


  1. That still has to be one of my favourite music videos, Annamaria. Thank you! And Happy Labor (sp) Day to you, also :))

  2. Mine too, obviously, Zoe. I love how hard they had to have worked to make it seem so casual and so perfect!

  3. I love it. By the way, Chevy Chase is 6'4" and Paul Simon 5'3"

    1. I knew about Paul Simon's stature, and understood that like almost all other adults, he is taller than I, but the first time I saw the video I surprised at Chevy Chase's.

      Stan can testify to the fact that having met and conversed with him while he was sitting down, I did not recognize him the first time I saw him standing up. Our dear Leighton gave me the same kind of shock the first time I met him face to face, in a manner of speaking. I had to crane my neck to his face!