Saturday, February 1, 2020

Today We Welcome the New Roaring 20s


At midnight on the Continent today, Brexit formally arrived.

For those off-Continent one time zone to the west, it arrived yesterday at 23:00 (GMT). 

For those incontinent, does time really matter?

If you think there’s been a lot of wild-eyed speculative coverage about potential Brexit consequences up to now, just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait!

The Republic of Ireland is now the last bastion of English as a national language in the EU, though officially second to Irish—putting aside the yet unresolved question of Gibralter.

Though the EU has announced it will retain English, along with French and German, as its official “working languages,” I wonder just how long that accommodation will be graciously observed. 

For sure the EU wants to maintain good relations with the United duo of States and Kingdom, and English is one of the top two languages spoken in the world, only a hundred million or so speakers behind Mandarin Chinese.  But what about Spanish, which ranks #4 behind Hindustani and ahead of #6 Arabic, and has more than twice the number of speakers as French at #10. All of that according to the website “Swedish Nomad.” 

Nah, no chance the EU would ever shove aside English, for let’s say #1 Chinese.  After all, what could the EU possibly gain sidling up to China and neglecting its English-speaking allies and NATO compatriots’ wishes and desires?

True, some might say the UK, in adopting a “business is business” approach in resisting American opposition to its dealings with China’s Huawei Technologies, has blazed a path to China for the EU to follow.

On a more personal level, it could also be said, that when you walk out of a marriage don’t expect to have a say in choosing your ex’s new suitors.

As I see it, the West is in for a very interesting 2020, and quite a few years beyond.

In other words, Welcome to the 21st Century’s Roaring 20s. 

May we survive them.


Jeff's 2020 Speaking Engagements and Signings (in formation):

Friday, March 13, 10:15AM
San Diego, CA
LEFT COAST CRIME—San Diego Marriott Mission Valley—(Sierra 5-6)
Moderating “Tipping the Scales: The criminal justice system,” with Teresa Burrell, Keenan Powell, L.F. Robertson, and Karen Stefano.

Saturday, March 14, 2:45PM
San Diego, CA
LEFT COAST CRIME—San Diego Marriott Mission Valley—(Rio Vista F-H)
Panelist, “Murder Goes Global: International Mysteries and Thrillers,” with Annamaria Alfieri, Ana Manwaring, and Greg Randall, moderated by Jane Stillwater.

Monday, March 16, 2020, 11AM-2PM
Saddlebrooke, Arizona 85739
30th Anniversary Authors Luncheon
SaddleBrooke Clubhouse
40010 S. Ridgeview Blvd.
Author Speaking and Signing

Thursday, June 4--Sunday, June 7, 2020
CRIMEFEST—Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel
Panels yet to be announced 

Thursday, October 15—Sunday, October 18
Panels yet to be announced


  1. Well, GB woke up and all seems normal so far. It's all been very divisive. The experts of everything on social media have everybody who voted leave as right wing racists and remainers as lovely humanitarian. The truth is much more complex, and too complex for a yes/no vote. I hope the division heals. I hope businesses that rely on euro trade are allowed to micro manage. It's to the mutual advantage of all involved.

    1. In America we've come to accept as normal, endless wars, Alice in Wonderland-style leadership, racial politics, and irreconcilable family divisions over national issues.

      I'm not sure which of us should thank the other for sharing.

  2. The winds will come and the winds will go,
    Soft they whisper and hard they blow.
    Stand tall with a frown
    Or all hunkered down,
    Just keep your eyes open and enjoy the show.

  3. Haiku I send you
    For so much you say is true.
    Just bring the popcorn.

  4. It will be interesting to see what happens in the world, politically as well as linguistically, through the next decade. May we all survive the new Roaring 20s ;)

  5. Well Bro, I for one, am in favor of wearing a cloche hat and spending the next ten years listening to jazz and doing the charleston.