Saturday, October 19, 2019

What Times Are These?

Keith Haring, "Untitled"


I’ve been back in the US for less than a week and the primary question I’m asked after the initial good cheer questions runs along the line of, “So, how’s Europe doing these days?”

As if I know.  Neither Boris nor Jean-Claude are confiding in me at the moment, and Vladimir is too busy giving riding lessons to his new buddy, Kim Jong Un, to call me with his plans. 

Which leaves me to random anecdotal moments, and bits and snatches of conversations as the possible realm for yielding any more intelligence than is available to the general public via the media.

That said, I just read this piece in Greece’s Ekathimerini—Athens’ paper of record—expressing a position that, even if not accurate, plays precisely into the concerns I’ve heard expressed by many. The article was also republished in the US’ largest circulation Greek-American newspaper, The National Herald.

The article begins with this headline: “US will ‘abandon’ Greece as it did with the Kurds, Russia’s EU ambassador warns.”

Russia’s EU ambassador Vladimir Chizhov has criticized a defense deal signed between Athens and Washington, while warning that the US might “abandon” Greece, as it did with the Kurds in Syria.

In an interview with TASS news agency on the sidelines of a conference on Rhodes island Tuesday, Chizhov said Greece was “wrong” to sign the revised defense deal with the US.

“You need to ask the Greek side why they made such a decision. But I do not rule out the possibility that they did so amid tensions between the US and Turkey. However, this does not mean that this decision is well weighed for the future,” Chizhov said.

Turning to Turkey’s military offensive in northeast Syria, the Russian envoy added: “We had warned the Kurds that the Americans will abandon them. And here, in Rhodes, I can personally warn the Greeks about it, that they will have the same fate as the Kurds.”

As for what the future will bring, I think the players are fixed, it’s just the plot lines that are left to play out.

Ahh, and to think but I week ago I was here.

In Tuscany. :(

To better times.


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  1. Nice blog, Jeff. I wrote one on my own website last week about the situation with the Kurds in Syria. It was one of the themes that I explored in BAD TURN. I didn't realise that it would turn out to to be so prophetic. Wish I'd been wrong, though...

    The shot of Tuscany looks beautiful. Have a wonderful time in Dallas, and give my love to all my MiE blog-fellows who are going.

  2. Zoë, you're always ahead of the curve...even when there's a BAD TURN ahead. [Not sure what sort of emoticon is appropriate here, but a :) is always in order for one of your books :)]
    Tuscany is just as pictured. You'd love it and vice-versa. I shall, with deep sadness at your absence, pass along your love to our mates--less my commission, of course :)

  3. To better times, indeed, and soon may they arrive.