Tuesday, May 28, 2019

long overdue...Bristol CrimeFest

Please excuse my missing-in-action absence. I'm finally home, have dealt with computer issues and can post photos of CrimeFest in Bristol. Such a great do put on by Adrian and Donna Moore! It was more than lovely to return after ten years and see the usual suspects!
PS Next week I'm on the road - book tour - for Murder in Bel-Air, celebrating twenty years of Aimée Leduc and her big book birthday.  If I'm anywhere near you please come by. Info at the end.
 Who do I see when I walk in the hotel? Jeff, Barbara, Zöe and John.
 I stopped by St. Stephen's market at Jeff's suggestion...
 Here's Caro's panel and she had them laughing.
 John kept his panelists in line.
 Grabbing a moment with Zöe
 Obligatory fish and chips - delicious
 My panel mates et moi
 Caro and Barbara
 Of course, Yrsa wore shoes that lit up
 Lovely Ely Griffiths who's nominated for mega awards
Dinner with Sarah Hilary, Jake Kerridge and pal Mick Herron.

Love to see you if you're anywhere nearby!
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry I missed you, Cara! I so wanted to meet you, having lived in France for quite some time myself. Your books help me cope with homesickness for it!

  2. I think the majority of people in those pictures should not be trusted with a sharp object!

  3. It was an absolute blast, Cara, and thanks for the photos, though I must say your photo of the St. Stephen's pastries now has me lusting after carrot cake. Here's wishing you a terrific tour, and congratulations on #20!

  4. It was a delight to see you, as always, Cara. And yes, Caro is quite right -- none of us *can* be trusted with a sharp object. And most of us can improvise a sharp object out of the most unexpected items...