Saturday, May 25, 2019

A Special Place in the Sun


Whoever comes to Mykonos undoubtedly hears of the fabled unspoiled (so far) beach of Agios Sostis. Almost always mentioned in the same breath is its legendary Kiki’s Taverna, where even heads of state must wait in line for a table.  It’s been around since long before I came to Mykonos, founded by Kiki and her husband Vasilis.  Today it’s run by Vasilis—no relation except in his fervent dedication to maintaining the old ways—and the experience under his hand is just as special as it always was.

I was lucky enough to eat lunch there this week—Barbara’s been there three times since we arrived two weeks ago—and I was so busy enjoying the meal and company that I forgot to take any photos, except for the title photo at the top of the post, and this one of our hats enjoying the meal along with us.

And what’s a hat without a cat.

So, these photos of the beach and taverna are courtesy of Barbara’s earlier visits and the efforts of some anonymous others.  Nothing’s changed from what you see. Though there will be a mayoral election on Mykonos tomorrow….

Inside Kiki's Taverna

The small beach below the taverna

Agios Sostis Chapel between the Taverna and main beach
Legendary Agios Sostis Beach



  1. I couldn't hope that place on a nicer or more appreciative American...and you're killing me!

    1. That's very kind of you to say, Tonette. Sorry about the troubling downside for you to the post, but perhaps I can offer a consoling song, such as something softly sung by the Fugees perhaps?

  2. I dream about that place. Really.

  3. [I'm entering this comment on behalf a friend who actually lived the history behind Kiki's before it was a taverna, and tried to share it on this site, but couldn't get it to post. So, thank you, Heather Elizabeth Clark, for persevering in getting the following to me to share (this slightly edited version) with our blogmates.]

    Hi Jeffrey, I tried to reply to your blog on Agios Sostis in a nutshell:

    Kiki, Vasili, my mum, Cass and Wendy used to go there to visit Jorunn and Finn who owned the house above what is now the Taverna and was then their guest house. Memories of stumbling down through the scrub of Thyme to sleep in the guesthouse after a full moon Party. There was an enormous wooden bed in the room to the left. In the morning going down to the little beach spear fishing for Octopus, having a bbq and picking Capers from the bush on the left side of the bay. I can still smell the thyme underfoot and you walked on it on your way down. Often nights lying on your back on the sand watching the shooting stars. Not another light in sight, magical days alway held precious in my memory.

    When my mother died my son Cornelius took some of her ashes there and he and Kiki and Bas took her down to her favourite spot in the bay and scattered her ashes with her favourite a Gin and Tonic.... looks so different now but I know young Vas is doing a sterling job!

    The kitchen design was done by Kent, my son's God father a fellow Swede and friend of Kiki, he set it up with her the first year and worked with her. My love to you